Celebrating Women Leaders Luncheon

Honoring current members and welcoming potential new members.

October 22nd, 2019


Guest Speaker:  Deanne Singh

TOPIC: The Success of Failure 


This special Celebrating Women Leaders luncheon is TEMPO Waukesha's annual membership recruitment and recognition event. Many of our guests expressed an interest in becoming a member and, if you did, you will be contacted by a TEMPO Waukesha member soon.  You may also contact us at [email protected] to expedite the process.  


2019 Leadership Award winners will be announced late Spring 2019.

     Past Leadership Award winners include:

  • Del Garcia, 2018
  • Rosanne McGuire, 2018
  • Susan Marshall, 2018
  • Peggy Stoop, 2017
  • Carrie Matteson, 2017
  • Ellen Langill, 2017
  • Annie Bartosz, 2015
  • Betty Arndt, 2013
  • Barbara Prindiville, 2011
  • Marie Kingsbury, 2011
  • Marie L. O'Brien, 2011
  • Allison Bussler, 2011

     The TEMPO Waukesha Leadership Award recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of TEMPO members who demonstrate superior leadership in both their professional and personal life

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