Celebrating Women Leaders Luncheon

Honoring current members and welcoming potential new members.

October 22nd, 2019


Guest Speaker:  Deanne Singh



     To our amazing members and guests who attended TEMPO Waukesha's annual CWL luncheon - THANK YOU!  We truly hope that you enjoyed the event.  

This special Celebrating Women Leaders luncheon is TEMPO Waukesha's annual membership recruitment and recognition event. Many of our guests expressed an interest in becoming a member and, if you did, you will be contacted by a TEMPO Waukesha member soon.  You may also contact us at [email protected] to expedite the process.  


2019 Leadership Award winners will be announced late Spring 2019.

     Past Leadership Award winners include:

  • Del Garcia, 2018
  • Rosanne McGuire, 2018
  • Susan Marshall, 2018
  • Peggy Stoop, 2017
  • Carrie Matteson, 2017
  • Ellen Langill, 2017
  • Annie Bartosz, 2015
  • Betty Arndt, 2013
  • Barbara Prindiville, 2011
  • Marie Kingsbury, 2011
  • Marie L. O'Brien, 2011
  • Allison Bussler, 2011

     The TEMPO Waukesha Leadership Award recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of TEMPO members who demonstrate superior leadership in both their professional and personal life

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