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Welcome to Tempo Waukesha

At Tempo Waukesha, we are dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of professional women in Waukesha County. Our organization stands as a beacon for education, personal and professional growth, and the promotion of networking opportunities. We believe in empowering women to achieve their full potential and supporting their journey towards success.

About Us

Established with a vision to create a supportive platform for women professionals, Tempo Waukesha has been a cornerstone of empowerment and collaboration since its inception. Our organization is driven by a commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and the advancement of women in the professional sphere.

Founded on the principles of education and mentorship, Tempo Waukesha provides a range of resources and programs tailored to the needs of our members. Whether you want to expand your skill set, network with like-minded individuals, or seek guidance from experienced professionals, Tempo Waukesha supports you at every step.

What We Offer

  • Educational Programs:  Gain insights and expertise through our diverse range of educational programs and workshops designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in various professional areas.
  • Networking Events:  Connect with fellow professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders at our networking events, where you can forge valuable relationships and explore collaborative opportunities.
  • Mentorship Opportunities:  Benefit from mentorship programs that pair experienced professionals with emerging talent, providing guidance, support, and valuable career advice.
  • Community Engagement:  Engage with the local community through our outreach initiatives and volunteer opportunities, making a positive impact while expanding your network and experiences.
  • Professional Development Resources:  Access resources and tools to support your professional growth, including career development workshops, job listings, and leadership training programs.

Join Us

Become a part of Tempo Waukesha and embark on a journey of empowerment, growth, and success. Whether you're an established professional or just starting your career, we welcome you to join our community and experience countless opportunities for learning, networking, and advancement.

Together, we can shape a brighter future for professional women in Waukesha County.  

Join Tempo Waukesha today and unlock your full potential!