TEMPO: Through the Eras - 2024 Celebrating Women Leader's Luncheon was inspired by the vivid and transformative journey of women in the workforce. The theme reflects a powerful narrative of progress and the diverse experiences of women through various times, each with its distinct challenges and triumphs. This theme allows us to explore how women's roles and representations have evolved, highlighting the significant strides made towards gender equality and acknowledging the ongoing struggles and barriers.
The luncheon program includes:
  • Jade Hendricks, Assistant Vice President of Investors Operations at MLG Capital;
  • Tiffany Cooley, CMO at Wantable
  • Susan Varela, Executive Director at Skylight Music Theatre
  • And more!
These speakers will share personal stories of their career paths, reflecting on how historical contexts shaped their opportunities and challenges. By linking their experiences to specific eras, the theme enriches the narrative of personal and collective growth, emphasizing the interconnectedness of women's journeys through time.
TEMPO: Through the Eras also symbolizes a call to action. It encourages attendees to reflect on the past to shape the future better, recognizing that while much has been achieved, the journey toward full equality continues. The luncheon aims to inspire and energize, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose among women at different stages of their career journeys.
Ultimately, TEMPO: Through the Eras was chosen to celebrate the dynamic and ongoing story of women's empowerment. It highlights the resilience and adaptability of women who navigated the challenges of their times and changed the course of history, inspiring current and future generations to continue pushing boundaries and breaking new ground.
Looking forward to seeing you in October!
Celebrating Women Leaders Co-chairs,
Sara Clark & Kelly Gerlach



Julie Ellenbecker-Lipsky, 2023
Beth Dobrzynski, 2023
Robyn Ludtke, 2022
Ann Leinfelder Grove, 2022
Teri Lux, 2021
Jane Condon, 2021
Kelly Skindzelewski, 2019
Nancy Seidl Nelson, 2019
Del Garcia, 2018
Rosanne McGuire, 2018
Susan Marshall, 2018
Peggy Stoop, 2017
Carrie Matteson, 2017
Ellen Langill, 2017