TEMPO Waukesha Community Impact 

3rd Quarter Charity for 2021: Saint A


TEMPO Waukesha has a charitable fund within the Waukesha County Community Foundation, used to support Waukesha County organizations whose missions empower and support women.

Through the years, Community Impact Grants have been distributed to many worthy organizations.  A Community Impact Committee guides these decisions and recommends grants to the TEMPO Board.

Beginning in 2021, we are adapting the process to more closely involve our membership. Nominations for quarterly grants will be sought from TEMPO Waukesha members for committee review.

A call for nominations will go out at the beginning of each quarter, through our e-communications and at TEMPO Waukesha events.  Any active member may submit a charitable organization for consideration.

  • Must be based in Waukesha County or provide significant services to Waukesha County residents
  • Must support women or girls
  • Must be a 501 (c) (3) organization

Nominations will be reviewed by the Community Impact Committee and a grant recommendation will be made.

Click here to nominate a non-profit. 

What is Community Impact?

A Committee of TEMPO Waukesha members, led by Board Member Nancy Seidl Nelson, work together to coordinate how TEMPO Waukesha responds to community needs and coordinates charitable contributions for the organization.

A number of years ago, the Board of TEMPO Waukesha established a charitable fund within the Waukesha County Community Foundation. This fund is used to support Waukesha County organizations with small quarterly grants to help them fulfill their mission.  Selected groups are highlighted at our monthly luncheons. Additionally, the TEMPO Board further supports other organizations through event sponsorships, when there is a logical connection between the groups.

 2nd Quarter Charity for 2021

1st Quarter Charity for 2021

TEMPO was able to support The Women's Center of Waukesha as a Bronze Sponsor ($1,000) for their Empower Campaign that replaced their cancelled April event with a grant from our charitable fund.

We are please to support these organizations as needs are growing and look forward to future partnerships.


 As part of our Community Impact Program, TEMPO Waukesha is pleased to announce a grant of $500 to Hebron Housing Services in Waukesha. Hebron is the oldest nonprofit organization in Waukesha dedicated to providing emergency, short-term shelter and long-term housing solutions to individuals and families.  Our TEMPO gift is directed to supporting Juno House, their shelter for single women, women with children and families.

Juno House is named in honor of Hebron House founder and community advocate, Bernie Juno. Bernie passed away in early 2020 and we are proud to support her legacy.


We are pleased to award a grant of $500 to Eras Senior Network of Waukesha.  The mission of Eras Senior Network is to engage and support Waukesha County seniors and adults with disabilities in leading meaningful lives.  The grant will support the Faith in Action Program, which responds to the needs of Waukesha County’s at-risk population of older adults (age 60+) and adults (age 18+) with disabilities.  The program aims to improve their access to health services needed to manage chronic diseases and address age-related disabilities, and address social determinants of health, specifically assistance with activities of daily living such as food pantries and grocery stores, errands for basic needs, socialization, and home safety.

In 2018, this program served 760 Waukesha County seniors and adults with disabilities; more than 75% of these beneficiaries are women. Heather from Eras Senior Network will join us at our January meeting to share more about the program and accept the grant.

2019 – 4th Quarter Charities

As part of our Celebrating Women Leaders event, our two honorees were awarded with $250 to put toward the charity of their choice. 

Kelly Skindzelewski, chose to give to the Women and Girls Fund.

Nancy Seidl Nelson, chose to give to the Food Pantry of Waukesha County. 

Previous Community Impact Charities include: